Greetings everyone!

  I am Holistic Health Practitiones and CMT with over 7 years experience..      

My main modality is deep tissue with shiatsu  and thai elements. Therapeutic and balanced approach.. friendly positive flow.. My incalls are done in state of the art studio.. All organic oils, aromatherapy, scalp and abdomen included unless non-requested.. 

In my practice I use extensively eastern healing modalities remove blockages of the body and restore natural flow of enegry.  My credo is  that  body-mind-spirit are united and   by healing the body we restore this  trinity balance as well.

“He who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything.”

    Advance booking required.. I have a steady clientele and might not be able to help you same day. I accept credit cards and text messages.

30 min - $ 50,
60 min - $ 80,
90 min - $ 110,
Full 2 hours - $ 150.
60 min - $ 110,
90 min - $ 150,
Full 2 hours - $ 180.

Absolutely non-sexual, non-erotic.               phone: 760 529 6401        

Have a blissful day!:)

I am proud of my work and hearing numerous compliments about my style.